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Building the parent brand

I don’t know how this happened.  Maybe a consultant start spewing that this is a good idea.  Or some article got published that this is a good idea.  Multibrand companies recently has started a huge effort toward building the equity of the parent brand.  For example, Nestle and Unilever had been tagging their commercials.  If one were to examine the […]

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Nuances of stock photography

Last week, I had to have a quick course on the pros and cons of stock photography.  First of all, there are two kinds.  Royalty Free Rights Managed Both types could be easily found on archives such as  GettyImages.com.  GettyImages offers some definitions on these two.  For example, Royalty Free photos depicts more everyday subjects while Rights Managed ones may […]

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Can a brand be defined by haters?

So many brands want to be everything for everyone. Even those who are more disciplined often think only about their users. Very rarely are brand marketers focusing on the non-users. I have always been a fan of thinking through the non-users.  Negative reactions are necessary evil to a strong brand that stand for something unique and special.  If you achieve […]

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