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People of Earth

As we’ve discussed before, every little thing matters to a brand. Likewise, everything we do contributes to our personal brands. Questionable actions lead to questionable brands. There are numerous celebrity examples (e.g. Paris Hilton). Today, there is a good celebrity example to look at. Few of us have the opportunities to address “People of Earth” and have them actually pay […]

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Primal Branding Series #4 – Rituals. Do you know yours?

Continuing with my series on Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon. I’ve discussed in previous posts the creation story, the creed, and the icon. This week, we move onto rituals. “Rituals are the meaningful repeated points of contact between you and your guest, customer, client, or target market.” These rituals come in many forms. For example, you putting a piece of […]

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