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Amplifying Effect of Packaging Changes: Re-Sizing

A marketer’s goal ultimately is to sell things at a profit.  To turn a profit, the selling price must be higher than costs.  In an economy where commodity prices continue to rise, this balancing act is getting harder and harder to achieve.  To maintain a certain profit margin, prices would have to change to accommodate the changing cost structure.  However, […]

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Amplifying Effect of Packaging Changes: Pricing

In my life as a CPG marketer, I’ve gone through a few packaging changes and a few pricing changes.  In my experience, these are not easy initiatives to execute.  Particularly, we usually complicate things for ourselves. See, it’s not easy to sell into the buyer a price increase.  So, marketers are charged with justifying the price increase.  Usually, the price […]

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Help shoppers through packaging changes

A package is not just the label or the communication.  A package also includes the structure.  Innovation in packaging structure can really change the game.  For example, detergents are now available in single dose pods.  It’s still the same product.  This is a packaging innovation that changed the nature of the category. But not all changes are this drastic.  For […]

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Is overcommunicating still communicating?

In this week’s posting over at CPG Branding and Marketing Forum, I discussed the role of packaging in the Marketing 4Ps.  More specifically, I discussed how packaging can play a role in various Ps.  In today’s world of marketing, packaging can range from a simple tool of communicating what’s inside to being a functional part of the product. The traditional […]

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