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10 Marketing Lessons from Apple [Infographic]

Apple is the master of branding. IPhone X costs over $1000 and no one really need a phone that costs that much. So, how does Apple continue to command their premium pricing? This great infographic summarizes 10 great marketing lessons from Apple. When marketing is done right, it creates value in the minds of consumers – therefore, removing price from […]

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[Infographic] Four Senses of Buying Decisions

As marketers, we know that perception is reality.  This begs the question – what affects our perception?  Our perception is influenced by our 4 senses, and that means that our buying decisions are greatly influenced by these senses.  On the other hand, that means marketers can influence our perception by paying attention to how we influence the senses – and ultimately […]

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[Infographic] Baby Boomers Going Green

Going green isn’t exactly a new trend.  However, as our population ages, more of us are spending more time thinking about our impact on earth and the impact on the next generations.  Baby boomers is one of the biggest population segments and they can greatly affect the economy.  As baby boomers age, they are also making more eco purchases.  Check […]

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