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Groupon spectacularly did what so many others have done

The most controversial commercial coming out of this year’s Super Bowl is definitely the Groupon commercial.  It stars Timonthy Hutton explaining the political problems that’s Tibetans are experiencing, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying yummy Tibetan food, at a discount thanks to Groupon.  It’s widely judged as culturally insensitive.  Mere three hours after airing, multiple copies of the commercial […]

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Is Super Bowl cool enough for the cool brands?

By cool brands, I mean online brands.  Brands that snicker at the old-fashion suit and tie and corporate buildings.  Brands that embrace flip flops and hire private chefs for lunch hours.  Brands that laugh at $6 billion. Brands like Groupon. It’s been reported that Groupon was going to have a Super Bowl presence this year.  However, since ad inventory sold […]

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