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Zero moment of truth

Thinking about the active evaluation phase of the consumer decision journey, it gives context of the zero moment of truth.  Zero moment of truth (ZMOT) was coined and publicized by Google about three years ago.  Before Google coined this term, there was the first moment of truth – which is purchase.  Then, there is the second moment of truth is […]

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Consumer Decision Journey

There are certain foundation to any marketing efforts.  When McKinsey debuted the concept of a Consumer Decision Journey that was anything but linear, it changed how marketers view the world.  Today, this framework serves to ensure that we spend efficiently and effectively in all phases of the consumer decision journey toward purchase. The consumer decision journey starts with a trigger […]

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How to optimize your digital marketing

Every marketer face the same question month after month, quarter after quarter:  How to maximize our marketing dollars?  Often, in search for an answer to that question, marketers turn to digital advertising.  Digital advertising offers flexibility and scale at the same time, all of it wrapped in a pretty bow of opportunities for constant optimization.  But exactly how to optimize?  […]

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