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Shopping Experience of Tomorrow

Today, when we shop, we go to the store.  We are greeted by store associates.  And we go on a frustrating search for the items we need.  What would the shopping experience look like tomorrow? Of course, there are many forces at play and there are many alternatives.  Online shopping and home delivery is becoming more and more of a […]

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Good customer services isn’t what it used to be

In today’s highly digitalized, high commoditized world, the one thing that can truly differentiate one brand from another, and one store from another is that human touch.  That human touch is typically delivered via exceptional customer service.  Customer service has consistently ranked as a top contributor to customer loyalty. Customer service is an integral part of a brand experience.  According […]

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The evolution of omnichannel

Omnichannel remains to be a buzz word in the shopper marketing world in 2015.  As I understand it, an omnichannel strategy is to provide a seamless shopping experience between the offline and the online world.  However, that doesn’t really make sense.  Online shopping and in-store shopping are two different experiences serving two different need states.  When I’m online, I want […]

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Death of Black Friday

I remember when Black Friday was something special.  Then, Cyber Monday was invented, but it wasn’t a big deal.  Then Small Business Saturday jumped onto the bandwagon of what was once a big shopping weekend. But what was special is no longer.  Black Friday becomes Black Friday weekend.  Cyber Monday became Cyber Week.  And this year, Black Friday specials arrived […]

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