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Understanding the consumer decision journey


Understanding path-to-purchase is vitally important to any product success. This gives you opportunities to better understand how to win consumers and also how you may lose them. While I don’t have any mind-reading techniques to share, there are ways to understand the inner thinking of a purchase decision. One way is to leverage the consumer decision journey approach, developed by […]

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Building personas for B2C and B2B businesses alike [template]


Persona is an effective tool to align your entire organization on the target market.  This alignment can drive more targeted content creation among team members.  This alignment can ensure that products are developed with the buyer in mind.  Personas can be shared via presentations.  Personas can be printed and hung onto office walls.  I’ve been in offices where life-size print outs […]

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Get started with defining your target market


Strong brands deliver value to the buyers.  However, in order to deliver value, you must first be relevant.  In order to create relevance, you must first make a connection.  In order to create a connection, you must first identify your target market.  Therefore, before you can begin to think about marketing or even before you build your product, you need to first define your target […]

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How to use a SWOT analysis


SWOT analysis, or also known as SWOT matrix, is a structured planning method that evaluates the potential of a new product or business venture. The SWOT analysis is based on a determination of the possible and likely risks and rewards. It evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (hence, the name) associated with the launching of a new product or […]

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