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Case Study: Why TiVo failed

Today, virtually everyone who still has a cable subscription has a DVR.  People expected their content be available whenever they wanted it.  But that wasn’t the case at the turn of the century. In 1999, TiVo was introduced.  It was a new technology unlike anything that was available at that time.  It recorded TV content onto the device making it […]

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Case Study: Something everyone can learn from Rolex

From the top of the world to the bottom of the sea, Rolex proves dependable (Rolex advertisement, 1954). It’s a brand that has stood the test of time. Rolex means comfort, opulence, and dependability. Many of world’s most popular sportsmen love flaunting a Rolex: Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, and Phil Mickelson for example. But Rolex isn’t popular only with athletes and adventurers. […]

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Case Study: Grapevine–how to bootstrap an agency

Grapevine is a YouTube influencer marketing specialist.  Founded in December of 2012, Grapevine is an agency that helps brands sell products by working with YouTube stars.  Essentially, YouTubers use the advertiser’s products in their videos, and they place a link to buy.  Today, Grapevine has a multi-million dollar runway – all started with basically nothing. Brendan Lattrell founded Grapevine.  He was a […]

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Case Study: Segway’s fall from grace

As I explore the series of failed innovations, I cannot exclude one of the more famous example in recent history:  Segway. The Segway two-wheeled individual transportation vehicle was designed by Dean Kamen. Loved by the media and the business world as the new ideal in urban transportation, with its unique functionality and design.  The level of press and TV introduction […]

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