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SuperBowl XLIX ad debrief

Who won this SuperBowl?  Okay – Patriots officially, but I argue the following are also big winners: Football fans – good game.  Right down to the last minute. Dads – yes, surely dads watch the game.  But I’ve hardly seen such a celebration of fatherhood.  Some Facebook post suggests that it should have been Father’s Day 2 for the over-the-top […]

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Death of Black Friday

I remember when Black Friday was something special.  Then, Cyber Monday was invented, but it wasn’t a big deal.  Then Small Business Saturday jumped onto the bandwagon of what was once a big shopping weekend. But what was special is no longer.  Black Friday becomes Black Friday weekend.  Cyber Monday became Cyber Week.  And this year, Black Friday specials arrived […]

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Building the parent brand

I don’t know how this happened.  Maybe a consultant start spewing that this is a good idea.  Or some article got published that this is a good idea.  Multibrand companies recently has started a huge effort toward building the equity of the parent brand.  For example, Nestle and Unilever had been tagging their commercials.  If one were to examine the […]

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Ad Today – Breakthrough with the weird

  Remember this commercial from Kia?  I remembered hating it.  Who wants to see rats on TV?  (Sorry, I mean hamsters.) Let’s fast forward to today. I see the hamsters, and I immediately whose commercial it is.  TV commercials are typically no longer than 30 seconds.  So, they need to communicate everything they want to say in that time.  So, […]

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