SuperBowl XLIX ad debrief

Who won this SuperBowl?  Okay – Patriots officially, but I argue the following are also big winners:

  • Football fans – good game.  Right down to the last minute.
  • Dads – yes, surely dads watch the game.  But I’ve hardly seen such a celebration of fatherhood.  Some Facebook post suggests that it should have been Father’s Day 2 for the over-the-top dad references this year.
  • Depressed – based on all the sad insurance ads, the depressed folks have some company!
  • Breaking Bad fans – I didn’t understand what do Weight Watchers and Esurance have to do with meth.  But I guess they do.  The ad tells me that meth cooks are experts in the weight loss and insurance biz.
  • Non-car ad agencies – most car ads this year were pretty non-memorable.  Maybe new business available!  Jeep was most confusing.  Is it American, or do I need to go to Japan to buy it?  I think I’ll fly, not drive, now that I think about it.
  • Crowd-sourced ads– most ads this year were so overproduced, and tried so hard to hit an emotional cord.  I liked the story.  I was moved.  But I had no idea what the brand was or what that brand does.  It’s like screaming “Sex”.  Yeah, you got my attention, but that in itself doesn’t sell a brand.  I see brands go back to crowdsourcing and fire all the agencies…

My favorite ad of the game?  Budweiser Brewed the Hard Way.  I love it when brands don’t try too hard.  First, let me say I love puppies and Clydesdales.  I’ve lived in St. Louis, and I like Budweiser.  But that’s not the reason why that’s my favorite ad.  I love it because the ad remembers that at the end of the day, an ad is not suppose to just tell a story.  An ad is supposed to tell a story about your brand that’s relevant to the target consumer.  I love this Budweiser ad because it did just that.  It’s an ad that’s based on a brand that stood for something.  Smaller brands would have tried to appease the trendsetters in hope of their adoption.  But that is not Budweiser.  Truthfully, it will never be Budweiser.  Rightfully, it should never be Budweiser.  Budweiser is for the everyday American guy.  It’s real.  It’s hard core.  It’s simple.  It’s nothing more than a cold one after a long day of hard work.  It isn’t more, and it doesn’t pretend to be more.  And at the end of the day, it doesn’t need to be more.  It’s perfect for the hardworking American male, just the way it is.

The funniest ad of the game?  Fiat.  Well, I think it’s funny, and that’s all that matters!

The ad that tugged my heart string while reinforcing the brand – Always #likeagirl.  There were many emotional ads, but this one made sense to me.  Reminds me of Dove ads.

Most immature and stupid ad – and there are two of them!  No, it isn’t GoDaddy.  They actually grew up (good for them, gimmick can only take you so far.  Even the ad that they pulled wasn’t so bad, but I guess some people didn’t like it).  It’s CURE insurance.  I will assume that I’m not in their target market, and whatever insurance they’re selling, surely I don’t need.  I believe this spot ran in local markets only – not nationally.



Photo credit: Super Bowl 50

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