11 Lessons on New Product Launches

Found this great video on new product launch from HBS archive.  While the video may be old, the wisdom within endured the test of time.  So much of this video remains relevant to today’s marketplace regarding new product launches:

  1. don’t spend too much time in new product development leaving no money for support
  2. don’t fall in love with the product and never listen to the consumers
  3. don’t be too optimistic in your forecast, so the new product will never meet that inflated expectation
  4. have infrastructure to scale in case that new product is successful
  5. you may need to pivot as you learn
  6. you have to anticipate the trends and the changes in the marketplace
  7. fail fast with beta launches
  8. evolutionary products will be hard to break through the clutter
  9. revolutionary products require a lot of education to get the masses to adopt
  10. don’t just consider if your product will change the world, but consider if the world need that change?
  11. continue to build newness, so the early adopters can continue to adopt while the masses follow


Photo credit:  Rupert Ganzer

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