Zero moment of truth

Thinking about the active evaluation phase of the consumer decision journey, it gives context of the zero moment of truth.  Zero moment of truth (ZMOT) was coined and publicized by Google about three years ago.  Before Google coined this term, there was the first moment of truth – which is purchase.  Then, there is the second moment of truth is at use – whether the consumer enjoys the user experience or was left disappointed.  However, as the consumer decision journey showed, consumers go through a long journey of active evaluation before they arrive at that first moment of truth.  In eras past, consumers gather information via magazines, consumer reports, friends and families, etc.  In the digital age, consumers have in their disposal a lot more information sources.  Search became an important part of this consumer decision journey (hence why Google has a vested interest to ensure all marketers know about this ZMOT).  When a consumer is triggered, they usually don’t recall the whole story.  When they watch a commercial, they may not have perfect brand recall.  Search becomes an important engine toward discovery of your product.  So, investing against active evaluation, or ZMOT, is first ensuring that you’re found when people are looking for you.  Secondly, when they found you, you’re serving up content that pushes them down the funnel toward purchase of your brand.  That is winning the zero moment of truth!



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