Consumer Decision Journey

There are certain foundation to any marketing efforts.  When McKinsey debuted the concept of a Consumer Decision Journey that was anything but linear, it changed how marketers view the world.  Today, this framework serves to ensure that we spend efficiently and effectively in all phases of the consumer decision journey toward purchase.

The consumer decision journey starts with a trigger – this jolts the consumer into considering a purchase.  This moves him into initial consideration.  This is where he forms his consideration set.  Many brand spends in this phase in order to get into the consideration set.  But what brand sometimes neglect is that is only the beginning of the journey.  Then, he moves into active evaluation where he’s researching.  Depending on the category, this research may happen online or at the shelf.  Finally, the moment of truth – purchase.  This is the important phase where the deal is closed.  However, as this is the moment of truth, it is perhaps the most important moment as well.  Research suggests that the final brand choice is not made till this moment.  So, packaging, education at point of purchase, etc. can all influence this final decision.


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