How to deal with negative comments on social media?

There are always going to be negative comments or reviews on a social media space.  Brands should embrace this, and not shy away from it.  A all positive presence is not believable.  You cannot please everyone all the time – it’s simply impossible.  Therefore, people can forgive some negative reviews or comments – as long as it’s few compared to the positive ones, and as long as the negative comments are handled appropriately.

Let’s spend a moment on that second part – handling negative comments.

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First of all, not all negative comments need to be addressed.  Sometimes, your brand lovers will address them for you – if you have a loyal following.  Someone may complaint you’re too expensive, your brand lovers may very well address them and say, “maybe, but they’re so good that they’re worth every penny!  They are actually better value because you don’t have to replace them as often.”  This is probably the best case scenario.

If it isn’t something your following can resolve for you, you should offer an alternative way for contact.  You want to appear to be sensitive toward the concern.  Yet at the same time, you don’t want a negative conversation to take up any more air.  You want to take this conversation away from this space.  One good way is to encourage the person to contact you directly (or perhaps contact your customer services hotline so you can better understand the problem and where they can get immediate help).

Negative comments will always be part of the social conversation.  Whether or not its damaging depends on how it relates to the positive comments and how you handle yourself in a negative situation.


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