Gotchas in Packaging Strategy and How to Avoid Them

The New Fred Meyer on Interstate on LombardYour customer makes quick decisions from the multitudes of products on the shelf, with the bulk of the decision often happening before they’ve read more than a few words from your product label. Color, imagery and shape are therefore powerful tools to convey quality, value, and the product’s ability to meet the consumer’s needs and pain points. Packaging is also key to customer retention, as these same features promote an automated grab-and-go purchase for repeat customers.

As responsible marketers, we must take our packaging seriously.  After all, it is the one piece of marketing communication you know your consumers will see.  They may not browse the internet. They may not read magazines.  They may not watch TV.  But, packaging – that they will see.

Chef’s Best reached out to brand managers and branding experts to identify the mistakes or “gotchas” that managers experience in packaging design and to provide tips on how to avoid them.  Download a free copy here.

Photo credit:  Lyza

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