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Last week, I visited Story, one of my favorite stores!  Well, to call it a store may have undersold it.  It’s really a concept.  It’s just as much about retail as about the story.  Every 4-6 weeks, this boutique changes theme and the whole store goes through a reinvention.  This boutique opened around Valentine’s Day under the theme “love”.  I found the boutique as it was curating the theme “NYC”.  The store was filled with all things New York, and uniquely New York.  Every brand sold there had an opportunity to tell a story.  It’s not just about the merchandise.  It’s about the story, the love, the passion, behind the creation of each product sold there. 

Most recently, it featured winners from  These winners one way or another are changing fashion, and the theme was launch in conjunction with Fashion Week here in New York.  There were a variety of amazing innovations.  One in particular caught my eyes:  Perch Interactive Display

The display is projected onto the shelf surface.  As you interact with the product, the display changes.  You can also interact with the display directly.  It’s moving beyond a shelf talker.  It’s moving beyond an info box.  It’s moving beyond a QR code that connects you to a website via a smartphone.  It tells you the brand story in depth right at the shelves. 

Innovations such as these will continue to change retailing as we know it.  All these innovations drive richer engagement with the consumers at all levels.  It’s imperative for us marketers to be mindful of this evolution.  As we design products and brands, we need to think holistically on why we’re relevant to our consumers. 


YouTube link: as produced by Perch Interactive

YouTube link: as taken with my iPhone.  My friend also thought it was “cool” Winking smile

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