Remembrance of a visionary

A day after the iPhone announcement, Apple lost its beloved Steve Jobs.  However, his legacy (I hope) will forever live on. 

One may never realize just how much Steve Jobs has changed the world.  He has been compared to be Edison of this era.  Steve Jobs revolutionized computer, portable music, cell phone, and again computers (tablets).  Steve Jobs made what would had otherwise only been available to the richest and wealthiest or corporations available to everyone.  Steve Jobs touched everyone from Wall Street to Main Street.  Even if you’ve never touched a digital device, your offline world had been revolutionized by Steve Jobs.  Magazines, newspapers, photography, entertainment all had changed because of advances in the digital space.  Starbucks posted two Facebook statuses at the time of this writing remembering Steve Jobs because digital music (iTunes) and coffee both now live in this interconnected world of the 21st century.

Steve Jobs changed the definition of the words Apple and Macintosh.  He changed the meaning of a simple letter “i”

His passing is felt not only throughout Apple, or the technology sector, but everywhere.  Steve Jobs showed this generation what true innovation can do. 


NPR:  Apple Visionary Steve Jobs Dies At 56

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