I’ve been reading on attitude and how it affects ones career lately.  There are loads of materials on this subject, particularly on the subject of how women’s attitude often differs from men’s.  That difference in attitude can make a world of difference in career success.  You’ll be seeing more posts on that in the near future.

But quickly, I’d like to share with you an article a colleague sent me a few days ago.  It’s titled “She’s Gotta Have ‘It’”.  It’s an old article from Business Week.  The article largely deals with executive presence.  It’s not that particularly interesting nor did it offer too many solid go-to tips.  However, there was one line that I thought was very enlightening that I really wanted to share with you all:

The best news about confidence is that it’s easier to develop than competence – the part of the job senior women usually have licked.

So, how to develop confidence?  As I finish my reading, I’m sure I’ll have more on this topic.  However, really simply, one need to start with giving it your best.  At the end of the day, it’s a matter of attitude.  You can walk around questioning if your best is good enough, or be confidence in knowing that you’ve given it all.  After all, if your best isn’t good enough, that’s really a competence issue.  There needs to be further development, or sometimes it’s just not the right job.  Regardless, your attitude affects how others perceives your effort.  If you wonder if your effort is good enough, surely others will too.  So, why start that line of question?  So, until you’re told differently, you have to assume that you have that job, and continue to have that job, because you are good enough for that job.  So, be confident knowing that. 

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