Leadership Lessons from our President


Recently, I have had a lot of conversations and discussions on leadership with my friends and colleagues.  This weekend, in a national situation, we have witness an example of amazing leadership in our President.  This is not meant to be a political post, but let’s face it, the office is a political place.  There are certainly lessons to be learn from the political realm, if you’re not working in politics. 

The President focused on what he considered to be a key assignment (I’m not asking you to like or dislike with his decision of this assignment).  He stayed focused on what matters in face of other somewhat everyday trivial matters (Trump’s birth allegations are just part of everyday life of a President.  No doubt in your everyday office lives, you’re bombarded with requests that you may consider trivial).  He exercised discretion where it was called for.  He multitasked and focused energy where it needed to be focused (despite this whole situation going down in Pakistan, he didn’t forget about Alabama).  He stayed calm and in control in high stress situations.

These are all what I considered to be key leadership skills, regardless of political affiliations.  While everyday, we may not be dealing with national security, we can still keep these leadership lessons in mind. 


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Photo: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

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