Using Business Cards Differently for Individuals

Business Cards

Kate is getting married!  Correction, Catherine is getting married.

The future wife of the popular and loved Prince William is more commonly known as Kate.  However, her station as the future Princess demanded a more formal name.  However, efforts in rebranding her into Catherine can hardly be called successful.  Of course, like any branding efforts, time can change everything.

However, this interesting branding effort has inspired me in thinking more about personal branding.  Personal branding has a wide range of implications, from public acceptance, to professional development, to business development.  Personal branding can also greatly tie to the success of a small business where the owner is the brand.

I recently talked about using business cards differently for non-profits.  However, as I think about personal branding, the same idea can be applied to individuals as well. 

Here is how I propose turning your business card into one of your most powerful marketing tool:

Front:  Basic name and contact information.  If you have a preferred name, put in parentheses.  Catherine (Kate) Middleton, for example.   Think carefully if you want your nickname on your business cards.  If you want to be professional, it may be best to leave your nick name out of the business setting and off of business cards. As an added bonus for the front, add a head shot if you have it.  This is particularly helpful for those who are bad at names…

Back: This is where valuable real estate is sometimes wasted.  Use this space to show off your work!  If you’re a baker, show pictures of your goodies.  If you’re a florist, show pictures of your art.  If you’re a digital media strategist, show every social media platform you participate in.  If you’re a realtor, show the most expensive house you’ve sold.  If you’re a writer, display an original rhythm.  If you’re a musician, show a picture of the biggest crowd you’ve played to.  Success in almost every profession can be shown visually.  Use this space to show this.  At the very least, it makes for great conversation at networking events!

What other business card tricks have you employed?  How have they worked?

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