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Marketing has always been a blend of art and science.  The new realm of social media is no different.  However, due to the newness of social media, data has been a little scarce.  Last week, three new reports came out that filled the space with a lot of data.  This week, we will spend some time on the takeaways from these reports.

The first one is by Dan Zarrella, Social Media Scientist at HubSpot, on the Science of Timing.  Here are a few key takeaways that Dan wants everyone to know from his research:

On Twitter and Facebook:

  • Late in the day and week is the most retweetable
  • Tweet more
  • Don’t crowd your content
  • Weekends are best for Facebook sharing

On Email Marketing:

  • Experiment with emailing on weekends
  • Send email very early in the morning
  • Send more email
  • Your newest subscribers are your best

On Blogging:

  • Know your audience
  • Blog on weekends for comments
  • Blog early in the morning for links
  • Blog more frequently

With all the takeaways above, there is an underlying theme: Tailor to your audience.

  1. Send content to them at a time that they are available to absorb content (which is generally around early morning, lunch, or late evening, as in not during peak work hours).
  2. Don’t worry that you are over-marketing to them.  If what you’re sending them is relevant, they wouldn’t mind getting a lot of it.
The Science of Timing
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