And the Winner Is… Social Networks?

The Oscar in front of the Kodak Theatre

Okay, I don’t know about the movie “The Social Network”.  But I do know that social networks are big winners of the Oscars because advertisers is again trying to create social buzz with their big commercial pushes.

After the Super Bowl and the Grammy, the Academy Awards is one of the final big live telecast events of the year.  Unlike regular tv shows, these are some of the few remaining telecasts that audience still prefers to watch live.  With the live audience, there is a better opportunity to augment the commercials with live interactions on the various social networks.  Particularly since this live audience is also online having conversations with each other.  Instead of viewing parties, nowadays there are plenty virtual viewing party.  #Oscars is the trending topic at this moment hours ahead of the ceremony.

Despite the hype, I don’t expect to be wowed.  The much hyped social media event that was supposed to be the Super Bowl failed to live up to most people’s expectations.  It’d be interesting to see how this evening unfolds.  However, as the previous live events have demonstrated, advertisers still have quite a bit to learn before cracking this new world of advertising.

P.S.  I am a fan of the movie The Social Network, and hope that they will pick up a few awards!

EDIT:  As the evening progress, it’s becoming obvious that, like the Super Bowl, advertisers on the Oscars haven’t figured out how to integrate social media into traditional advertising yet.  However, several brands have been able to leverage social media to make themselves relevant leverage this entertainment event.  Victoria Secrets posted on Facebook various ways to dress better, gathering over 7,000 likes and 400 comments in just a couple hours.  Mayhem from AllState commented on the infamous orchestra that signals “time’s up” to award winners, and gathered over 4,000 likes and over 200 comments in just an hour.  As people converse online on this event, postings on Facebook became an obvious way to insert your own brand into the conversation.   Check out some screenshots here.

Of course, the best example of making one relevant has nothing to do with social networks.  President Obama’s surprise cameo during the telecast!


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