Why Negative Reactions are Important and Wanted

I have long been a fan of negative comments in the social sphere.  I think they are necessary evils.  This is because I don’t believe a brand can be all things to all people.

A brand stands above a commodity because it stands for something.  A Victoria Secret bra is not your Walmart bra because it’s specifically designed and made to make you feel sexy.  However, there is a downside to this.  To stand for something automatically means you are not going to stand for something else.  A Victoria Secret bra is not cheap.  A real brand cannot be everything to everyone. This is not a new concept in marketing, but it’s not a concept that’s always practiced.

Therefore, a clearly positioned brand is always going to have their core targets and their pagans, or nonbelievers. Depending on what you’re selling and how emotional that category is, your pagans can be very loud in the social space. So, as a matter of facts, having pagans tells you you’ve done something right. You’ve taken a stand and clearly defined a space for yourself.

The trick is to take those negative comments from your pagans, and address it in a way that talks to your core believers!

Yes, I am expensive. That’s because we spend millions in research to bring you the best quality product your money can buy. We will not sacrifice quality, ever.

I further elaborated on this topic on Ari Herzog’s Featured Friday series. Check it out!


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