It’s Bad Editing

Ammo is not "Amo"

It’s no secret that I count reality television as one of my guilty pleasures.  The drama is highly entertaining.  But the drama also seem to cause a lot of headaches for cast members.

We’ve heard it all before… It’s just how I am in this competition… I’m very friendly in real life.  It’s bad editing…  They picked the worst moments.

Well, they can’t edit what’s not there.  They cannot make bad moments appear.  So, the only choice the cast members have is to not give the editors any ammos.  That’s the only thing the cast member can control.  What happens in the editing room is outside of their control. 

Well, to me, it doesn’t matter what you say.  I form my opinion of you based on what I see on my little TV screen.

Not so unlike how consumers form opinions of their own based on what she sees, not what you say.

So, don’t give them any ammo.  Once you do, it’s out of your control.  And it just takes one to kill.

Photo credit:  Ricardo A

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