Immediate reaction to the iPhone / Verizon announcement

Perhaps one of the most important lessons we’ve learned from the iPhone / Verizon announcement was to always stay a step ahead of the game.  You need to be always anticipating your competitors’ moves.  Then, figure out how to stay ahead of them.  For example, AT&T anticipated that Verizon will be getting the iPhone.  Thereafter, a series of actions was taken to slow down / stop people moving from AT&T to Verizon.  T-Mobile anticipated the announcement and produced a commercial to have ready the moment the announcement was made.  Check this out:

This smartly made ad quickly discredited both networks the iPhone would be on.  The ad clearly communicated T-Mobile’s point of differentiation – it’s 4G network.  Here is the marketing copy that went along with the ad on TMobile’s YouTube channel:

“Here’s a sneak peek at T-Mobile’s latest ad. T-Mobile offers the total package: great smartphones, a blazing fast 4G network with rich experiences at unbeatable prices. There’s no fun in having a great device if it is running on a slow network. Step up to Nationwide 4G! Check coverage at”

I don’t believe actual on-air rotation has started yet for this commercial.  After all, our media planning and buying processes are not quite this flexible.  However, having this ad already available online speaks to T-Mobile’s foresight.  After all, this ad wasn’t made overnight.  (If it was, I’m even more impressed.  Scripting it.  Shooting it.  Editing it.  Yeah, not overnight.)  I’m sure this ad will be hitting the air soon enough.  In the meantime, it’s getting viral airtime on YouTube and through blogs such as this one.

Sidenote:  This series of T-Mobile ads are parodies of the old Apple ads, argued Daring Fire’s John Grubber.  In those ads, Mac was the attractive option compared to the old and ancient PC.  In the T-Mobile ads, the iPhone itself is attractive, but the networks are far less so… This keeps the options open for T-Mobile to put the attractive guy (iPhone) and the attractive girl (T-Mobile network) together down the road.  Another example of a forward looking play by T-Mobile.

Here’s a blast from the past:  15 Apple ads.

Video links:

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