What Matters Now: Passion and Curiosity

Seth Godin recently release an e-book WHAT MATTERS NOW, in which he asked a few of his friends to discuss what matters now. May it be Change, may it be Sleep, may it be Productivity.

To me, two things matter most: Passion and Curiosity. Passion had been wonderfully covered by Derek Sivers, an entrepreneur and programmer, within the e-book. But Curiosity was curiously missing! Allow me this opportunity to express what I believe matters now:


It is an emotion.

It is a desire.

It makes the world interesting.

It makes us observant.

It prompts us to ask the questions.

It tells us to explore.

It enables us to push for new possibilities.

It empowers us to learn.

It allows us to grow.

Seth’s full e-book available for download via this link.

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