Work Smarter, Not Harder Tip: Collective Brainstorming

I am a big believer of the mantra – Work smarter, not harder!

Today, at work, I exercised one of my favorite work smarter tactics.

As marketers / business owners, we are often put in the position of coming up with creative solutions to some of the toughest problems the business may face.

For example, I had been tasked before to come up with a new way to communicate a certain product benefit. So, I gather a group of internal experts for brainstorming sessions. Of course, I am blessed to work in a corporate culture that truly encourages teamwork. Whenever I have one of these brainstorming sessions, my experts always come up with a point of view or a possibility that I had not considered before.

So, next time you need to solve a business problem creatively, try collect in a room some great minds from your company. Your legal counsel? Your technical expert? Your consumer facing folks? Your marketing people? These people collectively know your business inside and out, and collectively would have a much more well-rounded solution than you could come up with alone.

Photo credit: Working Together Teamwork Puzzle Concept, originally uploaded by lumaxart.

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