Primal Branding Series #2 – The Creed. What’s yours?

Continuing with my series on Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon . Last time, I discussed creation story. Every “About” page is about telling the creation story. Every interviewer saying “Tell me a little about yourself” is prompting for your creation story. Every pick up at the bar asking “You from around here?” is trying to get to know your creation story.

The second piece of the primal code is the creed. It is what you believe, and what you want others (internally and externally) to believe. It is what a company mission is built on. But it is so much more, because the creed encompasses everything that you do.

So, in many ways, activating the creed is not simply a tactic. You cannot just build a “about me” page and call it a day. It is a soul searching session in what you believe, and why are you doing this.

This on the surface looks obvious, but if you just sit down for a moment, I think you could think of many examples when this code is obviously violated.

50% of small businesses fail. Now, there are many reasons why. In the context of the creed, there is one obvious reason that contributes to this failure rate. Many people launch their business because they can. But the fact of the matter is with competition / technology / etc., whatever it is that you can do today is unlikely going to sustain you forever. If you did not first sit down to think about what you stand for and what is your aspirational goal, you would not know where to go next once you have exhausted your current options / advantages.

If you became confused, your partners (internal / external) would be confused and your consumers would be confused.

Now, instead of calling this the creed, let’s call it by a more commonly used term: Positioning.

So, what is my creed? Be the best marketer by always learning and adapting in this ever-changing world.

What is your creed?

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