USPS – pricing genius!

CNN started the article of rising postage with the following…

“Unless you’ve got a stash of Forever Stamps sitting around, it might be time for a trip to the post office.”

As I whine and complain about the never-ending increase of postage, I must remind myself what a genius pricing strategy this was!

I do NOT have a stash of Forever Stamps around. Why? I simply do not mail enough. I email. I pay virtually every bill online. I buy and ship online. I would lose that stash long before I would use any of time.

However, I know households that do. Why? They snail-mail on a more regular basis. It is to their advantage to continue to hedge against rising prices.

So, the Forever Stamp is simply another version of a frequent buyer program, a great example of price discrimination.

Link: CNN Article
Photo Credit:– Mail Day!! –, by Warm ‘n Fuzzy.

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