Don’t just flirt! Follow through!

Caught a great post off of The Viral Garden.

Social Media ain’t about one-night stands, it’s about relationships

This is something that my organization has problems with as well. Every campaign, every effort needs to be part of a whole branding initiative. However, too often, we come across an awesome idea. Implement it. Move onto the next awesome idea. The end result: Not realizing the potential of any one campaign. Which is a shame…

This post on The Viral Garden gave a few example of companies who engaged the consumers via social media, but did not follow through. And the lesson was it’s better to ignore the consumers than to flirt with them THEN ignore them… Of course, the ideal is to not ignore them at all ;)

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  • Thank you Jeannie! Really it’s like teasing, isn’t it? You tease your customers and make them think you respect them enough to talk to them via social media, then when they get all excited, you walk away.

    Then the customers feel rejected. NOT a good move!

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