Marketing, Dating, and Spiderman…

I got a newsletter at the office, courtesy of ePrize, and found an article that was very cute. I think it was written for Valentine’s Day. Here’s an excerpt:


5 Tips for Finding a Date… for Your Brand

  1. Make them an offer they can’t refuse
  2. Get a wingman
  3. Let women play games with you
  4. If you say “I’ll call you,” do it
  5. Find a special way to thank them

Now, to me, it appears that a man put together the above list. So the question for me is, if you’re not good at dating, how would you be at marketing? If you’re good at marketing, how good would you be at dating? Or, more scary, if you’re good at marketing, then you’re good at self-marketing, then you’re good at dating… but what if you’re an evil marketer*, then are you also an evil dater? Things that make you go hmm…

*With reference to “Is Marketing Evil?” where author Seth Godlin basically agreed with Uncle Ben of Spiderman fame: with great power comes great responsibility. And marketing is a powerful tool…


  • Sorry… this is one of my stream of consciousness type post…

    The point is that sometimes we should think about marketing like we think of dating. However, marketing can be very influential, and therefore, very powerful. Therefore, such power should be yielded toward good rather than evil, ie. don’t twist the truth in your marketing.

  • I find this post a bit confusing.

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