Au Courant?

Am I Au Courant?

Yes, just watched the last episode of TNT’s new series of Trust Me. (And no, I have not watched Mad Men. I really want to rent that now.)

But, I must say that it was simply marketing genius to come up with a series about a modern day ad agency. While Fox has been trying with new time layout (with shorter commercials, etc), TNT went with the tried and true product placement approach. What product could not be seamlessly integrated into a storyline about advertising? Last week’s episode with the Dove “insights meeting” was brilliant! Tagline after tagline after tagline, in the guise of story telling. *I wonder if it is as obvious to the general public as it was to me…

Dove, along with other “clients” are also featured on the mock website Nicely done.

What disappointed me today was I actually went to Adgabber, hoping to find that blurb about the character Sarach Krajicek-Hunter, as mentioned in the show… but nope, that was entirely made believe. It would have really impressed me if they actually posted a blog about her on the site.


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