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The other day, I was at a workshop for digital marketing. The subject of QR codes came up. When I was in Japan a year ago, these were extremely popular. At that time, technology in the States was not quite as advance. However, that seems to have changed.

RL-QR, originally uploaded by briansuda.

The above picture was captured by briansuda. Here is the associated notes

In the Esquire magazine, I noticed that Ralph Lauren is using QR codes. They have tried to rebrand them as RL-QR, but they are basic QR codes which can be read by any decent 2D barcode application. The QR code translates to m.ralphlauren.com/default.aspx?ab=OctGQ The last portion I am assuming is for tracking, possibly October issue of GQ?

This came from the US edition of the magazine, which I’m glad to see that QR codes are becoming the 2D barcode of choice in this region.

So, every fortune 500 company can leverage this technology. Companies in Japan had long done so. When I was there, companies were passing out samples at subway stations with these codes. This allowed you a quick way to access a website or a coupon. Advances in mobile coupons in the States are also pushing marketers toward leveraging our cell phones more and more.

But, what about the rest of us? How can we leverage such advances in technology? Well, how about business cards. Code your phone numbers in a QR code and put it on your business card. Those who are in the know would be able to input your phone number into their cell phone easily and quickly. Those who are not, the image is a great conversation starter. For this country, it also shows that you are on the cutting edge of technology. Not a bad way to brand oneself, I must say.

qr-code-business-card, originally uploaded by vanderlip.


Published October 12, 2008


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