Discover… Blood…

Remember when? When TV was a channel for marketing, not a driver of marketing. That world is no more. Honestly, I am not even sure exactly what happened. I guess everything is driven by intense competition.

Well, so what has the world of intense competition create? Cutting edge marketing by a television channel. I suppose it is not just any other television channel, but a super premium cable channel. HBO, to be specific.

And what did their cutting edge marketing involve? Created prequels, launched related websites, faked blogs, and sent blood samples to people’s home. Well, not REAL blood samples. It was to promote the show True Blood. People received samples of the synthetic blood beverage featured in the show. And not just anyone – these are bloggers or otherwise shaker and movers in the Goth community! I wonder if any of them actually opened the bottle and tasted it! Later on, the campaign took on a much more traditional approach with billboards, etc. Except, they featured the beverage and not the show – and thus a cult hit is born.

Central to this campaign was the sense of discovery.

I think that is the trick here. It can be manifest itself in many ways. Did you know that Target’s Spot section is an attempt to capture shoppers’ desire to discover something new? I should keep my eye open for how else do marketers use discovery…

And yes, the new HBO series True Blood is one of my favorite shows right now ;)

tru blood sample
Tru Blood “samples”. Photo credit:

True Blood Ad Campaign, originally uploaded by Codispodi.

Tru-Blood Truck, originally uploaded by CampfireMike.

True Blood Ad Campaign, originally uploaded by Codispodi.

True Blood Ad Campaign, originally uploaded by Codispodi.

Published October 3, 2008


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  • Hi. They mailed it to people’s home. The people are generally bloggers. So, I assume that they track people’s address down based on the blog/domain registeration process. However, I do not know the exact logistic.

  • Hey, liked this article… Do you know where they gave out /mailed the TruBlood Synth Blood samples?

    Select audience?


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